• POWER SAVER EMI filter No.5

    This product is to help save electricity energy. Its principle is to optimize the input electricity energy based on the principle of electricity wave cancellation and reduction of the resistance. High-order harmonic waves are filtered...

  • POWER SAVER EMI filter No.5
  •  Item:POWER SAVER EMI filter No.5
    Rated voltage: Single phase 120V / 230V
    Rated frequency: 50 / 60HZ
    Electric current: 0.8A 1.6A 2.5A


    Product Features:
    1. EMI, a 21st century patented product, is best applied to power-saving electrical appliances used in both household and medium-sized ( or small-sized ) stores with an am of conserving electricity and lowering utility bill. Furthermore, it stabilizes the voltage and current in these devices, thus prolonging their life span.
    2. The product itself doesn`t consume electricity used around 24/7/365 under all weathers, nor does it increase the utility bill resulting from using any devices; for example, air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs or light bulbs ( Note: no power is saved while used in resistance-generated apparatuses laden with heat ,such as electrical stoves, ranges or water heaters.
    3. All single-phase 110V /220 V , 60 HZ / 50 Hz incoming currents are suitably accepted ( However, 110 V/ 220 V should not be interchanged unless authorized by power company.


     Safety Protection:
    1. A unique APS patent designed ( Anti-Power Shock )
    2. Prevent electrical leakage, electrical encounter, or precipitously unplugging.
    3. Prevent any power or voltage surge.


    EM radiation effect on human beings
    value mGauss environment comments
    under 12 1 all right no leakage of EM field
    12 - 100 1~2.5 acceptable small leakage in surrounding
    over 100 >2.5 unacceptable EM radiation too great
    Note:if the LCD digital EMI test meter measure a “1” reading to the left side of the LCD panel, this indicates that the measurement exceeds the maximum for the LCD digital EMI test meter.
    Test Report No.Z08J0175485 of 602 EMS of Mll.

    Most of applicable electric appliances such as household 3 C electrical devices, illuminating lamps, motors etc. all depend upon electro-sensitive interference so that current phase will misaligh with the voltage , greatly decreasing the efficiency supplied by power company in relating to transformers and delivery cables. Applying the unique patent of our product called filtered-out mutual capacitance technique will efficiently adjust the current phase causing illuminating and electrical appliances to receive smoothed-over power supply , to improve the entire power supply , and to effectively utilize the power. Experimental results show that installation of EMI does have solid outcomes with each EMI saving approximately 5 to 10 % of power.

    This product is to help save electricity energy. Its principle is to optimize the input electricity energy based on the principle of electricity wave cancellation and reduction of the resistance. High-order harmonic waves are filtered. It eliminates or reduces the electromagnetic interference of those unstable electricity wave. It makes the sine wave electricity output more stable. It makes electricity voltage stable while reducing the electricity noise. It uses load-balancing principle to maintain the balance of electrical current, voltage, and electricity wave to reduce the ineffective electricity energy.

    This product is a capacitor that can improve the electric power factor, also known as phase capacitor. Once it is plugged in a electricity source, it would temporarily save the incoming electricity energy and then slowly releases the saved electricity to make electric current stable. The electric appliances are not using those over-supplied electrical energy and therefore the energy saving goal cab be achieved. It eliminates EMI interference and reduces the biological harm from the high-frequency electromagnetic waves. It reduces ineffective electricity and improves the electricity power factor.

    EMI Filtering Power Saver is easy to use. Just plug unit in “OFF” position into any single phase wall socket and then turn on

    Double benefits:
    Removing or reducing electromagnetic waves to protect your health!
    Reducing unnecessary waste in electricity power to save your electricity bill !

    Power -Saving Principle : Conserve Power = Save Power = Save money
    Based on the principle of reduction of both EM radiation and electrical impedance, our product ( EMI ) is designed to smooth over incoming current in the power system, to filter out high harmonic frequencies in order to eliminate and decrease harmful harmonic components with respect to EM interference, to let sine waves create more stabilizing, smoother sinusoidal voltage with little noises, to adjust the power within the range of feasible factor, and to apply evenly- balanced principal foundation as decreasing ineffective power among the electrical current, voltage and EM field.

    Installation :
    Caution : Always turn the appliance`s switch off before connecting the plug into the socket. Upon finishing its use, be sure to turn the switch off before unplugging.
    Location : Install EMIs close to the places where household electrical usage is overwhelmingly needed and usage period is a lot longer ( Ex. refrigerator in kitchen ), thus power consumption reduces ostensibly. It is, however, necessary to move EMI to another location in case that power-saving doesn`t seem effective after a period of time.

    Elimination of EM radiation: Being harmless to health
    1. Innovative EMI is patented for household use.
    2. Effectively decrease EM field and radiation inside your house.
    3. Protect your health by keeping EM field away.
    4. Electric shock prevention is patent-designed ( avoid shock by suddenly unplugging. )
      After testing radiation-detecting gadget, EMI is needed to be installed if indicating number is above 100.
      Soon upon plugging EMI into sockets, EM field can be greatly reduced.
      Installation location: plugging into sockets near TV, computers and microwave ovens

    Our product ( EMI ) is a ` power factor `- improving capacitor (also called " Mutual " ) which, once plugging into the sockets, incoming current is temporarily reserved and then gradually released in such a way as letting electrical devices not overuse the electricity and waste power by which power-saving purpose is naturally achieved. EMI increases power factor by decreasing EM interference, lowering harmful high-frequency EM radiation exerted on human beings and reducing ineffective electricity.


    Name: Electromagnetic Interference Monitor(EMI Monitor)
    Manufacturer:Corana Technology Inc. Taiwan. http://www.coronatech.com.tw
    Input:~240V, 50/60Hz, single phase use only.
    CAUTION:To reduce risk of fire or electric shock, use indoors only.
    Description:Testing your home’s AC outlet sockets for measure of EMI.
    ◇ A LCD digital EMI Monitor(model CT-5189)is used to test the EMI levels in the home.
    ◇ Simple plug the LCD digital EMI Monitor into each AC wall outlets to get the EMI reading.
    User instructions: 

    Agent: 3ttt Energy Saving System Co.
    http://3ttt.net Fax:05 522 2541
    Factory: Chined Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.


    Manufacturer’s Warranty
    1. If manufacturer’s defective within one year and under normal use, a replacement unit will be given free of charge.
    2. Attempting to break the sticker or open the unit will void the warranty of the unit.
    3. The certificate must bear the stamp of the authorized distributor for identification.
    4. Intended for use in a protected environment.
    5. No user serviceable parts inside